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Compass Pro for BlackBerry® Smartphones

GPS Monitor

GPS Monitor GPS Monitor
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Compass Pro for BlackBerry® Smartphones allows you to utilize your phone as a compass and navigate worldwide without any restriction.

No matter where you are or what you are doing, an being able to do GPS-based compass navigation is helpful in many situations.

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GPS Monitor
  • Beautifully designed professional compass.
  • Connects to internal / built-in or external Bluetooth® GPS receivers.
  • Shows direction of North / South when moving based on your GPS position.
  • GPS can be turned on/off manually.
Data shown:
  • Compass state
  • Course in measurement unit (e.g. degrees)
  • Accuracy
  • Heading
  • Speed
  • Compass mode
Supported compass modes:
  • Standard 360 degrees
  • Milliemme (6400)
  • Milliemme Sweden (6300)
  • Milli Radian (6283)
  • Mils - Soviet Union (6000)
  • Grad - Europe 19th Century (400)
  • Decigrades - European Military 19th Century (4000)
Usage Instructions:

  1. Install the application on your device.
  2. Click the Compass Pro icon to start the application.
  3. Move away from tall buildings, outside to an open area to have the best possible GPS satellite coverage.
  4. "Start GPS" by clicking the trackball, trackpad or touchscreen. "GPS" will start searching for a GPS location fix. If you never used your GPS receiver before or it is a long time ago since you used it, it might take up to 30 minutes to obtain the first GPS position fix.
  5. Once the needle starts moving - you need to get moving. IMPORTANT: This compass is based on GPS and your movement. It ONLY works when you are moving. Run Forest, run!
  6. Do something good to yourself.
Note: Compass Pro works best outside in an open area with a clear view to the sky.

Technical Details:

  • Using the JSR-179 location API this application takes full advantage of the built-in A-GPS features.
  • or
  • Requires an external Bluetooth GPS receiver to get full GPS support. Any Bluetooth GPS receiver should work. » recommendations
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