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DisasterAlert for BlackBerry® Smartphones


DisasterAlert Features | Technical Details | Purchase

Worldwide disaster listing with proximity information for your safety! DisasterAlert is an award-winning application.

  • Always up-to-date. Always instant!
  • Lists Disasters & Catastrophes.
  • Earthquakes, Floods, Volcano Eruptions, Typhoons and Cyclones.
  • Shows disasters on a map.

DisasterAlert service provides:

  • Recent and up-to-date information.
  • Free lifetime program updates.
  • Color and image coded disaster categorization.
  • BlackBerry® Maps™ & Google Maps Mobile™ integration.

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DisasterAlert Be the First to know:

DisasterAlert helps you to prepare for an early escape before the infrastructure collapses. This might save your and other's lives.

Sometimes it is crucial to have access to information first. Especially with natural (or even human made) disasters it is often just a matter of minutes to know where and when something happened. No matter if an earthquake happened and a tsunami is incoming or there is a tropical cyclone right next door, it is good to know first.

DisasterAlerts shows you the distance from your current postion to the disaster area. So you always know which news are relevant for you.
DisasterAlert Map Integration:

Each disaster can be shown on a map which provides a visual overview on the location of a particular disaster.

DisasterAlert integrates seamlessly into BlackBerry® Maps™ as well as Google Maps Mobile™. Both of which provide professional world-wide mapping and GPS functionality. This allows worldwide disaster mapping and can help to coordinate pre-disaster measure (like evacuation or structure protection).

DisasterAlert Alarm Management:

The unique DisasterAlert alarm management allows to get automatic alarm notifications if a certain disaster matches a specific criteria.

An alarm can be triggered either by
  • Text (e.g. an disaster alert contains the word 'Louisiana')
  • Distance (e.g. an disaster is closer than 1,000 miles)
Based on the trigger certain measure can be set up for each alarm and notifications are started / sent out automatically by the DisasterAlert alarm system via
  • Dialog Box (just shows up on BlackBerry®)
  • Sound Notification (from the BlackBerry®)
  • Vibration (of the BlackBerry®)
  • EMail: send an email to yourself or your loved ones.
  • SMS: send an alarm SMS to any telephone number.
  • Twitter: publish the alarm on your Twitter account.


The installation process of DisasterAlert is as easy as with other third party programs. Using the BlackBerry® Desktop Manager on Windows or MacOS X machines will bring the program to your BlackBerry® in less than a minute. The DisasterAlert icon will appear on your BlackBerry® desktop and you can start checking world-wide disasters!

Technical Details:

  • Using the JSR-179 location API DisasterAlert takes full advantage of the built-in A-GPS features.
  • or
  • Requires an external Bluetooth GPS receiver to get full GPS support. Any Bluetooth GPS receiver should work. » recommendations
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