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The LiveTracker mobile client can be installed on any BlackBerry® mobile phone and sends out location data to our Skylab GPS server.

  • Free: No hooks or hidden fees for personal use.
  • Worldwide GPS: works all over the world.
  • Background Tracking: just works - 24/7.
  • Remote Control: start/stop tracking by SMS.
  • Easy Sharing: Send tracking links via EMail, PIN, SMS, MMS.
  • Live Web Tracking: View location on maps.
  • Live Desktop Tracking: 3D world tracking. (soon)

Download LiveTracker for FREE! Instant Download

Mobile Details
  • Free Download: LiveTracker Mobile is available for free non-commercial use - download.
  • Free Tracking Server: For storing tracking data we maintain a tracking server - for free.
  • Background Tracking: Start LiveTracker and it sends the GPS location to our tracking server.
  • Automatic Tracking: On device startup GPS tracking can be fired up automatically.
  • Remote Control: Start and stop GPS tracking on your device by sending an SMS.
  • Share Location: Send EMail, PIN, SMS, MMS, Twitter message to your location's map representation.
  • BETA TEST: Due to the early stage of this application please report any bugs to us. Thank you.
Download LiveTracker for FREE! Instant Download
LiveTracker Mobile
Tracking and Sharing Demonstration - BlackBerry®
LiveTracker Mobile - Tom Tom is tracking himself and shares his location with Greg via email.

LiveTracker Mobile LiveTracker Mobile LiveTracker Mobile LiveTracker Mobile
1. Sending Location. 2. Share Location. 3. Via EMail or SMS? 4. EMail to Greg.
LiveTracker Mobile - Greg Greg received an email from Tom and can see his buddy's location.

LiveTracker Mobile LiveTracker Mobile
5. Tom's location info. 6. Tom's location map.
View GPS Location - Desktop PC / Mac / Linux Browser
Greg can also view a map with any desktop browser like shown below.

LiveTracker Web

A static map image with the location even works with browsers that do not support JavaScript. The dynamic map allows zooming, panning and navigating within the map as well as switching from streetlevel to satellite or topographic maps.
Mobile Technical Details
  • Built-in GPS receiver (via JSR-179 location API).
  • or
  • External Bluetooth GPS receiver. Any Bluetooth GPS receiver should work. » recommendations
Supported Devices:
  • bb_81xxseries_gps); echo ", "; print_csvdevices($devices->bb_83xxseries_gps); echo ", "; print_csvdevices($devices->bb_85xxseries_gps); echo ", "; print_csvdevices($devices->bb_88xxseries_gps); echo ", "; print_csvdevices($devices->bb_89xxseries_gps); echo ", "; print_csvdevices($devices->bb_90xxseries_gps); echo ", "; print_csvdevices($devices->bb_91xxseries_gps); echo ", "; print_csvdevices($devices->bb_93xxseries_gps); echo ", "; print_csvdevices($devices->bb_95xxseries_gps); echo ", "; print_csvdevices($devices->bb_96xxseries_gps); echo ", "; print_csvdevices($devices->bb_97xxseries_gps); echo ", "; print_csvdevices($devices->bb_98xxseries_gps); ?> with activated internal GPS.
  • bb_81xxseries_bt); echo ", "; print_csvdevices($devices->bb_82xxseries_bt); echo ", "; print_csvdevices($devices->bb_83xxseries_bt); echo ", "; print_csvdevices($devices->bb_85xxseries_bt); ?> with external Bluetooth GPS receiver.
Beta Release History
Beta #1:
  • Version: 0.1.5
  • Sends data to GPS server automatically every 5 seconds.
  • Background tracking possible.
  • Shows current location, time stamp and status on screen.
  • Counts how many GPS fixes have been sent in session.
  • Shows log for server connection status.
  • Share location via: EMail, PIN, SMS, MMS.
  • Adjustable font size.
  • Customizable ESCAPE key behavior.
LiveTracker Mobile - BUG
Beta #2:
  • Version: 0.1.6
  • Minor bug fixes.
  • No functional changes.
Beta #3:
  • Version: 0.2.0
  • Twitter™ sharing added.
  • Twitter™ account added to Options screen.
  • Some user interface polishes.
  • Minor bug fixes.
LiveTracker Mobile - Twitter Logo
A Trademark of Twitter, Inc.
Beta #4:
  • Version: 0.2.5
  • Time span between location checks made customizable:
    • Default value: 5 sec.
    • Allows you to increase or decrease the time span.
    • Example: By increasing the time span from 5 sec. to 60 sec., a position fix will be sent to our server every minute (=60 sec.) instead of the default 5 seconds. This will create about 12 (60 divided by 5) times less data traffic compared to the default setting. So it saves money. You will also see a better battery performance with an higher time span setting.
  • Minor bug fixes.
LiveTracker Mobile - Clock
Beta #5:
  • Version: 0.3.0
  • Automatic BES/BIS/MDS connection type usage.
  • Server settings customizable (can not be saved in beta version).
  • New program icon added.
  • Minor bug fixes.
LiveTracker Mobile - New Logo
Beta #6:
  • Version: 0.4.0
  • Remote tracking control via SMS.
  • Auto start tracking on device (re)boot can now be activated.
  • Start/stop tracking manually via button.
  • Help screen with description of functions and FAQ-like support.
  • User interface polish.
  • Bug fix: Twitter connection uses BES/BIS too - if activated.
  • Minor bug fixes.
LiveTracker Web
Beta #7:
  • Version: 0.4.2
  • GPS fix getting improved.
  • Minor bug fixes.

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