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MobileTracker for BlackBerry® Smartphones


MobileTracker MobileTracker
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Easily record tracklogs using your BlackBerry® Smartphone and view them in Google Earth™ or publish them with Google Maps™.

  • Records a GPS tracklog.
  • Elevation & time can be tracked.
  • Easy one-click tracklog recording.
  • Extensive statistical information and background tracking.

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  • Connects to internal & external Bluetooth® GPS receivers.
  • Shows current GPS information provided by GPS receiver.
  • Tracking can be turned on/off manually.
Data being tracked:
  • Latitude, Longitude, Altitude
  • Timestamp
Data being calculated:
  • Total time traveled.
  • Total number of waypoints.
  • Total distance traveled (for whole track as well as for each point so far).
  • Direct distance to start point (for whole track as well as for each point so far).
  • Average traveling speed (for whole track as well as for each point so far).
Extra features:
  • Add a photo at any point to your tracklog.
  • Track to GPX or KML/KMZ file.
  • KMZ/KML: alternative altitude tracking modes, track line only or track line and each point as placemark waypoint.
  • Auto-generated file names for quick tracking convenience.
  • Track to SD card or internal memory.
  • View list of tracked tracklogs.
Usage Instructions:

  1. Install the application on your device.
  2. Click the MobileTracker icon to start the application.
  3. Move away from tall buildings, outside to an open area to have the best possible GPS satellite coverage.
  4. Click "Start Tracking". If you never used your GPS receiver before or it is a long time ago since you used it, it might take up to 30 minutes to obtain the first GPS position fix.
  5. Wait until the first coordinates appear on the screen. This means your device has obtained a GPS position fix.
  6. If BlackBerry® Maps™ is available on your device, you may click "Preview Map" to view your already tracked GPS points on a map.
  7. Press "Stop Tracking" when you are finished with your trip and wait until saving has finished.
  8. Do something good to yourself.
Note: MobileTracker works best outside in an open area with a clear view to the sky.
MobileTracker Recording a Tracklog:

MobileTracker has been designed to be as easy to as possible. Within 2 easy steps you can start recording a tracklog: 1. Start MobileTracker; 2. Press the start button to start the recording. Moreover, you can select the delay that should be between every recorded point of your tracklog. This allows you to adjust the recording to your movement.

One more button click is needed to stop the recording and save the tracklog to the specified location.
MobileTracker Integration:

All of MobileTracker's information can be quickly viewed in Google Earth's™ 3D view. It is even not necessary to copy the tracklog file from the device. The BlackBerry® can be easily connected to your desktop computer. By selecting the directory your tracklog has been stored to, you will immediately find your tracklog. Double clicking on it will automatically open your tracklog in Google Earth™.

Furthermore, the tracklog can be published and shared over the web using the free Google Maps™ service. So you can now easily embed a tracklog from your hiking, biking or running trip into your website. Imagine of publishing your current and previous running logs on your website or blog to let people take part in your hobby. Taking advantage of the BlackBerry® you already have will minimize your expense on additional GPS hardware.

Programs like NASA WorldWind are compatible with the tracklog format as well.
Demo Videos:

Tracklog recorded in Manhatten, New York. Hiking trip in Hong Kong Island south side.
MobileTracker Installation:

The installation process of MobileTracker is as easy as with other third party programs. Using the BlackBerry® Desktop Manager on Windows or PocketMac on MacOS X machines will bring the program to your BlackBerry® in less than a minute. The fancy MobileTracker icon will appear on your BlackBerry® desktop and you can start tracking yourself!
Statistics & Photos:

MobileTracker is a professional tracking application which also creates advanced statistics of your track. You can see an example of such a statistic field for a KML/KMZ tracklog file visualized in Google Earth™ below. Besides those statistics, MobileTracker is able to store photos you make with your built-in digital camera of your BlackBerry® if you are going to save your tracklog to a KMZ file. An example of such a photo can also be seen below.

MobileTracker The KML tracklog format support assures an easy to use tracklog exchange and a trouble-free integration into other applications.

Skylab Mobilesystems Ltd. is known for professional GPS and mapping applications (like Spot) on mobile devices. Our long experience in the geospatial field results in applications like MobileTracker which has been built for easy usage and convenience.

Technical Details:

  • Using the JSR-179 location API MobileTracker takes full advantage of the built-in A-GPS features.
  • or
  • Requires an external Bluetooth GPS receiver to get full GPS support. Any Bluetooth GPS receiver should work. » recommendations
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  • Installed Micro SD-Card.
  • Records a tracklog and all its positions to a file which can be viewed on a desktop computer with Google Earth™, Google Maps™, NASA WorldWind™ or other applications.
  • Saves the tracklog file on the built-in SD-Card.
  • Supported file formats: KML/KMZ and GPX.
  • Easy integration into Google Earth™ and Google Maps™.
  • Background tracking.
  • Simplified user interface.
  • Live view: position and altitude output.
  • Low power usage*.
  • The timespan between two tracklog points is configurable in the range from 1 second to 5 minutes.
  • Elevation tracking can be enabled and disabled. All KML altitude modes are supported: absolute, clamp to ground, relative to ground.
  • Details included for the tracklog: number of waypoints, start and end time, total time traveled, total distance traveled, direct distance start to end, total average speed.
  • Details included for each position: running number, time stamp, time traveled from start, distance traveled from star, direct distance to start, average speed from start.
  • Details are recorded in metric and imperial units automatically.
  • Regional settings of your device are respected for displaying and tracking of numbers and time information. Additionally elevation is automatically displayed in ft instead of m if the device is set to "English (United States)".
* By configuring the delay between recordings and having control over height tracking you can take influence on power usage.

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