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Spot for BlackBerry Pearl 8100™


Spot for BlackBerry® Features | Technical Details | Download

The GPS and mapping experience on your mobile!

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Orientation, Routing, Tracklogs, Waypoint and POI management.

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Spot Features:

Navigate with Spot:

Using Moving Map Navigation, the map centeres current position and will therefore move with you. This makes it easy for you to navigate visually in your environment. You can either do that with street level maps or in remote areas with maps composed of satellite photos.

You can use Spot's routing feature for navigation as well. It will guide you to a waypoint and give you information on the distance, estimate time of arrival and so on.

Routing View Streetlevel Map
Routing Streetlevel Map

Outdoor Activites:

Spot can be used for a wide range of outdoor activities. You can add waypoints/POIs (Point of Interest) to mark you favorite locations or download them from the internet. They will be visualized on the map of your device and simplifies orientation wherever you are.

A built-in tracklogger draws the distance you covered on the map. The Elevation screen will visualize the elevation profile of your track.

Tracklog and Waypoints Position Info
Tracklog Position Info
Elevation Satellite Info
Track Elevation Satellite Info

Field Navigation:

Spot can perfectly be used for Field Naviation with your BlackBerry®, you do not need any additional hardware.

It can be easily integrated into your company GIS environment due to interoperable industry standard interfaces implemented in Spot (see Technical Details). You can get field maps from your company GIS or from public map services. The waypoint management system allows you to add additional data in the field. For more information on how to integrate Spot with your company GIS or on how to use your company geodata with Spot, please write an e-mail to:

Field Navigation Moving Map
Field Navigation Map Navigation

Spot for BlackBerry® The GPX waypoint format support assures an easy to use waypoint exchange and a trouble-free integration into other applications.

Our unique combination of GPS positioning and WMS map server access allows you to navigate on the map of your choice, available from an endless pool of free WMS servers.

Technical Details:

Requires an external Bluetooth GPS receiver to get full GPS support. Any Bluetooth GPS receiver should work.
  • Support for metric and imperial system (meters or feet).
  • Local or GMT/UTC time can be used.
  • Location state indicator: shows you the state of the GPS location (Out of service, serching or available).
  • BES and non-BES usage can be configured.
  • Backlight control on all BlackBerry devices.
  • File system access for BlackBerry OS 4.2 devices: static map image imports, waypoint file imports (LOC & GPX) and exports (GPX).
  • OGC WMS compatibility allows you to access thousands of free map services (see OGC WMS Server List) or connect Spot with a map server of your company like ArcIMS, deegree or MapServer.
  • Interoperable waypoint exchange via GPX and LOC format.
  • On-device download of geocaching descriptions from
  • Supports the most popular geocaching waypoint formats GPX and LOC
Frequently Asked Questions around the usage of Spot.

GPS Receivers:
Recommended Bluetooth GPS Receivers:

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